Stitching A Weathered Coast

Deer Isle, Maine

Stitching A Weathered Coast was constructed during a visit to the Haystack Mountain School of Craft.  An artists paradise nestled on an Atlantic Ocean island off the coast of Maine.  

Each day was spent collecting fallen branches to use as stitches for the cracked and weather rocky coast. 

"I often personify any landscapes I find myself experiencing,  each fold or crack in a rock face reminds me of the same seen on aged human skin.  I wanted to stitch the skin of this island as it weathered with the sea" -Lindsay LeBlanc

Stitches remaining after a storm.

Stitches remaining after a storm.


The burren, co. clare, Ireland

Immerse is a series of photographs documenting the physical connection and understanding of beautifully diverse and at times, harsh world that is The Burren Ireland. 

The Burren is a region in Ireland off the coast of Co. Clare that resembles the surface of a lunar landscape, appearing baron from the limestone mountain ranges.  Quite the opposite is true, the grey stone cracked crevices and and cliffs resembling mosaics are host to an extremely rare geological diversity.